Founding Member

Tłı̨chǫ Nation

Indigenous Filmmaker & Photographer

Amos sees Dene Nahjo as a new way forward, a liberating voice; it is a refreshed way of being able to have discussions surrounding indigeneity and how Dene represent themselves in the world, without political complications.

This has been an opportunity to act on the challenges he sees in society. Through action, Amos has gained relationships with mentors, Elders, community members and the Dene Nahjo team. His greatest motivators include his ambitious and hardworking teammates, and his dedication to learning his culture.

Amos is most excited about the upcoming Social and Cultural Innovation Centre coming to life, which would create a clearly identifiable, welcoming Indigenous space for growth in the community. 

Being involved with Dene Nahjo has strengthened his idea of being an activist and his understanding of how collaborating with other facets of a society and other communities is essential to the growth of the north. He continues to be inspired by the Dene Nahjo team, their ambition, perseverance and personal betterment.

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