Founding Member

LíídlĮĮ Kųę First Nation, Dehcho Dënesųłı̨ne Dene, Fort Simpson

Radio and Video Journalist, Broadcaster, Communicator/Educator

For Dëneze, "Dene Nahjo" represents being a good person from a Dene perspective; trying to follow the Dene laws that include being helpful, kind, respectful, gentle and hardworking, trying your best and sharing. Dene Nahjo is working towards reconnecting to the these values, which have sustained Dene for generations.

Dëneze is involved because he believes this work needs to be done, and that through Dene Nahjo, he can help fill in the gaps that he sees in our society. He is motivated by the Dene Nahjo crew and is encouraged by their kindness and how they hold each other up.

Dëneze is passionate about being a part of the inspiring team and he strives to support his peers and the people in our communities. Following a Dene teaching, Deneze aims to hold up each team member for their specific skills and knowledge; he looks to support his crew in their projects. One project close to his heart is the Urban Hide Tanning Camp:


“It’s a pretty good project, and as a cis-Indigenous dude, I think it’s important for me to encourage and support and honour the natural leadership of all the ladies within the organization… they’re the real decision makers, and I'll do whatever I can to help make them feel safe so that they can make some good decisions for all of us”


Since his involvement with Dene Nahjo, he has explored his Dene culture and land, and as a result has gained pride in his sense of self, cultural identity and homeland. He has witnessed the growth in his teammates through their abilities to step outside of their comfort zones.

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“In our society, and this country, there’s not a lot of safe spaces for Indigenous people, just period, but, there’s really no safe spaces for Indigenous people to learn what it means to be Indigenous. So I think providing those opportunities, I think it’s a really good thing”

-Dëneze Nakehk'o